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Consultative Sales & Administrative Support


FACTS, inc. is an independent third-party administration (TPA) firm specializing in the design, implementation,document preparation, and administration of a wide range of qualified and non-qualified retirement plans. Our staff has accumulated more than 100 years of combined plan administration experience, as well as a varied mix of interdisciplinary knowledge.

We realize the importance of retirement benefits within the scope of your overall employee benefits package, and we will work with you to ensure that your plan best suits your needs as your business evolves.

FACTS has been involved in the retirement plan industry since 1974, and we have experienced steady growth over that time. Our client base is broad – we administer plans for clients throughout the United States, ranging in size from self-employed individuals to firms with well over 100 employees. Small- to medium-size plans currently comprise the majority of our business.

When submitting questions or comments via the interactive form on the contacts page, please allow for 24-48 business hours to receive a response. We will respond to your inquiries as quickly as we are able. Thank you for visiting factsinctpa.com

Helping to Build A Better Tomorrow, Today!

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