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FACTS, Inc. is an independent third-party administration (TPA) firm specializing in the design, implementation, document preparation, and administration of a wide range of qualified and non-qualified retirement plans. Our staff has accumulated more than 100 years of combined plan administration experience, as well as a varied mix of interdisciplinary knowledge.

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We realize the importance of retirement benefits within the scope of your overall employee benefits package, and we will work with you to ensure that your plan best suits your needs as your business evolves.

FACTS, Inc. has been involved in the retirement plan industry since 1974, and we have experienced steady growth over that time. Our client base is broad – we administer plans for clients throughout the United States, ranging in size from self-employed individuals to firms with well over 100 employees. Small- to medium-size plans currently comprise the majority of our business.

Our Retirement Administration Practice Provides a Total End-to-End Solution.

Custom Solutions

Profit sharing and 401 (k) Plans have design features that can be used to serve an individual company’s needs.

These include:

  • Pre-tax and Roth 401 (k)
  • Safe Harbor 401 (k)
  • Cross-Tested Profit Sharing
  • Age-Weighted Profit Sharing
  • Combined DC / Cash Balance solutions
  • Compliance Solutions

  • Preparation of plan document and amendments
  • Preparation of all required compliance tests
  • Preparation of a signature-ready, DOL Form 5500 filing each plan year.
  • Internal or external retirement plan audit support
  • 1099 and 945 tax-form creation
  • Age 70-1/2 distribution compliance
  • Fee Disclosure compliance
  • Provider Solutions

    Whether you work with one retirement plan provider or multiple, FACTS, Inc. works with all major vendors to provide timely information and communication to help your clients meet retirement plan administrative obligations. Whether its program redesign, or working with providers to enhance employee education, our goal is to give you the opportunity to have a successful experience for all parties.

    Plan Valuation Solutions

    100% of our plans are valued by FACTS, Inc. at least annually. Whether you use a daily-valuation platform, pooled accounts, or balance-forward accounting, Facts, Inc. will calculate and cross-reference account data with investment providers on a participant-by-participant basis to ensure the accounting of the retirement program is completely accurate.

    Many errors in retirement plan administration arise from incorrect payroll data, yet most third-party administrators do not actively review financial data. FACTS, Inc.'s specialized process of valuation allows us to find discrepancies and to work with our clients to ensure that their plans are running in compliance with strict IRS and DOL rules and regulations.

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